1. Supplying of new fire fighting equipment
  2. Maintenance of existing fire fighting equipment;
  3. Service, maintenance and repair of fire fighting pumps and equipment;
  4. Supply and delivery of many types of fire 7 rescue equipment for emergency services (fire & police departments);
  5. Supply of medical training kits
  6. Supply of protective clothing for fire & rescue emergency services;
  7. Supply of protective clothing (chemical suits, etc) footwear, goggles, eye and hearing protection, full face masks, etc;
  8. Advice on, and supply/installation of all safety signage;
  9. Supply and installation of regulation 3 first aid kits, as well as the refilling of kits;
  10. First aid training, levels 1 and 2 (With certificates);
  11. Basic fire training level 1 (With certificates);
  12. Advanced fire training level 1 and 2 (With certificates);
  13. Other courses available; e.g. fire warden, fire Marshall, occupational health and safety courses;
  14. NOSA fire registers;
  15. Service contracts;
  16. Certificates of service/supply for the premises (in accordance with the SABS regulations);
  17. Smoke and heat detection systems;
  18. Fire alarm systems